Leapin’ Louie Comedy Shows

David Lichtenstein specializes in western comedy shows featuring his comedy  character, Leapin’ Louie. He is a master of physical comedy, trick roping, fancy whip cracking, juggling, unicycling; a virtuoso of new vaudeville and alternative circus.  He creates custom shows for companies, festivals, schools, and theaters and has performed these shows full time for over 20 years.  He is based in Portland, Oregon but travels the world frequently, shows in 29 countries so far.

–High-energy original clean comedy–

–Amazing Lasso, whip-cracking, 6 foot unicycle, juggling and other stunts-

–Strolling character entertainment too–


Leapin' Louie

Proud member of:

Clowns Without Borders


I am recently back from a Clowns Without Borders project in Palestine.  Check out the phot blog: