Reading Shows

“My favorite three things in the world are rope tricks, juggling, and reading books.”
Leapin’ Louie has been performing super fun and energetic reading encouragement shows in libraries and schools for 15 years.  Always an audience favorite!
Three different shows!  All Leapin’ Louie shows feature high energy physical and verbal comedy, lots of audience participation, cowboy rope tricks, juggling, magic, unicycle, and other stunts.  All are 50 minutes long and super fun!
1.The Leapin’ Louie Library Show for 2015 is:
Whoops!  Heroes Learn Through Making Mistakes!   The comic side of the superhero shall be explored. Captain Underpants, Harry Potter, Katniss, Percy, Wimpy Kid, they’ve all had their stumbles, and Leapin’ Louie is going to be joining them with pratfalls, heroic tricks, and a message of perseverance.  Available June, 2015.
2. Elements of Fun!  Leapin’ Louie is a high-energy bundle of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, and phosphorous teaching chemistry and other science with big fun tricks.   This science show was new for 2014 and was very successful and still available.  Chemistry elements box juggling!  Learn biology by watching Leapin’ Louie beat up a rubber bird!   (Don’t worry Louie is secretly a major bird watcher/lover)
3. Read! Fun! Now!  This classic show features greatest hits from Leapin’ Louie’s older library shows.  The show features cowboy roping with a Shel Silverstein poem, Louie’s crazy puppet version of The Secret Knowledge of Grown-ups and lots more well loved classics.

Puppet version of The Secret Knowledge of Grown-ups by David Wizniewski

Leapin’ Louie makes kids love books!

Besides flying all over the world to perform Leapin’ Louie shows, (29 countries so far) David is also a certified elementary school teacher with a life-long love of children’s literature, so his shows contain  specific literature ties to about 10 great titles for each show.

I bring copies of a flyer with “Leapin’ Louie’s BEST BOOKS EVER” to distribute to every kid.  Here’s that current book list with my all-time 74 favorite titles:  Best Books Flyer

And yes, Louie can perform the show in your small library space. Big tricks in small spaces is a speciality.  Even the 6 foot unicycle is frequently performed under an 8 foot ceiling (regular residential height.)

Here’s an unedited video of an old Read! Fun! Now! 8 years back.  People still come up to me and tell me they saw this video on Cable Access TV:  Leapin’ Louie Read! Fun! Now! at Oak Grove Library