The most travelled cowboy streetshow in the world!

 Leapin’ Louie — a true clown of the modern west!

An excentric cowboy from the old west is lost in a modern city.   A very original show full of physical comedy, high energy improvisation, and world class trick roping and whip cracking.
Leapin’ Louie, The Roping Fool has played in 28 different counties across the world, including many of the most important European stret theater festivals.  In 2012 Leapin’ Louie travelled to festivals in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, and all over the Western USA.

Promo Video             Un spectacle en Suisse

 “It’s the Wild West lasso-wielding clown Leapin’ Louie Lichtenstein who’s going to make the $20 price tag well worth your time. The man is freaking amazing. The crowd lost it after every one of his acts—from the 20-foot diameter lasso he swung overhead while riding a super-tall unicycle, to the bull whip he cracked at the front row’s faces.” –Portland Mercury

In the past few years he has traveled from Oregon to:

  • World Buskers Festival, New Zealand
  • Artisti in Piazza, Veregra Street, Il Teatro Che Cammina and others, Italy
  • Festival of Fools, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Festival Mueca, Alcorcon, Azoka Umore, and others, Spain
  • Cape Town Comedy Festival, South Africa
  • Duckstein Festival, Germany
  • and many more…

Tech for Street and Outdoor Stages:

45 minutes, can be 5-60 minutes.

5 meters squared for show space, plus space for audience.

No structure required.

Show is about 25% spoken and is performed in English, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, Nederlands, Deutsch, Japanese, Portuguese and can be learned in other languages.

“Le 1er prix au cow-boy Leapin’ Louie est excellent. Le gars a une geuele et son spectacle une vraie personnalite. Il nous montre autre chose.”–Lova Golovtchiner (Swiss theater and TV personality)\

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